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Welcome to Minneapolis St. Paul

Weisman Art Museum
Weisman Art Museum

Getting Around

The Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota is located between the downtown areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The campus is linked to the airport and both downtowns by light rail.

More about transportation on and off campus.

Where to Stay

For students, new faculty and long-term visitors

You can choose freely between living on campus or off. The University has a housing bureau to aid students and faculty in finding affordable housing. For those living off campus, the Twin Cities have a reliable and extensive mass transit system with numerous bus lines connecting outlying areas to various points on campus. The University itself also operates numerous express and shuttle buses from many locations in the cities, directly to and from campus, and between many campus locations.

There are a variety of hotels within walking distance of campus, many of which run free shuttle service.

For visitors

Some hotels within easy walking distance of us:


The School is located in John T. Tate Hall and The Physics and Nanotechnology Building

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