University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Physics Contact Information

Physics & Nanotechnology Building (PAN)
115 Union Street S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455

John T. Tate Hall
116 Church Street S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455

General Information
info @
Tate 130624-7375

School of Physics and Astronomy

Paul Crowell
TateH 130-11624-4828
PAN 220624-6950
Associate Head
Lucy Fortson
PAN 285-14624-9587
Director, Graduate Studies
Jorge Vinals
TATEH 130-17 624-9074
Director, Undergraduate Studies
Jeremy Mans
PAN 427625-8994
Finance and Administration
Ginny Olson
TATEH 130-09624-5786
MetteMarie Stewart
TATEH 130-06626-6509
Purchasing/Accounts Payable
Amy Nastrom Nordlander
orders @
PAN 237626-8104
Assistant to the Head
Julie Murphy
TATEH 130-07 625-6928
Computing and Networks
Chad Sullivan
csehelp @
LIND 414626-4723
Jenny Allan
jallan @
TATEH 130-33624-2852
Assistant to Student Programs
Jennifer Kroschel
TATEH 130-05624-1625
Graduate Studies Information
Tina Garofolo
grad @
TATEH 130-06626-5982
Undergraduate Studies Information
Brittani Cortez
ugrad @
TATEH 130624-7375
Brian Andersson
TATEH S67624-6584
Introductory Labs
Sean Albiston
TATEH B57625-3598
Methods Lab
Kurt Wick
TATEH S65624-2831
Condensed Matter Physics
Shelley Frankel
PAN 212626-0236
High Energy Physics
PAN 321624-7886
Nuclear/Space Physics

Peg KillianTATEH 375-11
FaxTATEH 130624-4578
Website updates/requests
web @
Keys/AccessRequest Form
Stock RoomPAN 241TATEH 130

Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics

Evan Skillman
TATEH 285-16624-9523
Administrative Associate
Andrea Stronghart
TATEH 285-22624-7053
Director, Graduate Studies
Terry J. Jones
TATEH 260 624-8009
Information, Graduate Studies
Angela Stehr
tt @
TATEH 285-00624-4811
Director, Undergraduate Studies
Liliya Williams
TATEH 285-10624-1084

History of Science Technology and Medicine

Midori Green
SHEPHERD 585624-7069

William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute

Alex Kamenev
TATEH 275-18624-7354
Associate Administrator
Meghan Murray
TATEH 275-21624-8367
Alicia Canfield
TATEH 275-03 624-7366

Other Facilities

NOvA Ash River Lab
Bill Miller

All phone numbers are in area code 612 unless otherwise noted. For more specific contact details, please see the main directory.