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Lindfors, Stephen (B., Physics, 1971; M.S. Comp. & Info. Sci, 1976)


My APL interpreter, a four-year project, was written in Visual Basic .Net and processes all the standard APL operators.

Unlike most APLs, it doesn’t use the non-ASCII characters. It uses only the printable ASCII characters for the operators. It consists of 24,000 lines of Visual Basic source code. Features include complex arithmetic, user-defined functions, trig and hyperbolic functions (real and complex), and matrix operations, including matrix inversion. The latter can be used to solve simultaneous equations. Data types accepted include integer, real (double precision accuracy), character and complex. The product is easy to install and works on most Windows systems. A few free copies of the install disk and printed user guide are available to physics faculty, on request. Contact me at