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Kavalovski, Charles D. (Ph.D., Physics, 1963; M.S., Physics, 1959; B.S., Physics/Math, 1957)


I am married with four children.

I am semi-retired. My activities include gardening, fishing and birding, trying to understand string theory, following the development of the latest (and proposed) accelerators and what they will tell us about super symmetry and cosmology. After working as a post-doc at several different institutions and somehow managing a full professorship by age 35, I took a 90-degree turn (on a sabbatical, of course) to pursue my interest in music. To make a long story short, I spent the next 30 years as principal horn, French horn, with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Now in my “retirement,” I have been attempting to catch up, for my own amazement and amusement, on the phenomenal growth in particle physics, and the marvelous convergence between cosmology and particle physics that has ensued. It looks like it is back to the books for me! My favorite memory was watching, like the proverbial “mouse in the corner” in Norton Hintz’s office, Norton and Ben Motileson working feverishly at the black board, culminating with Norton biting completely through the stem of his ever-present pipe! My favorite professors were Norton Hintz who taught “modern physics”, Dr. Tennie who taught “quantum physics” and Al Nier with his marvelous irreligious attitude about the niceties of mathematical detail.