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Champine, George A. (M.S., Physics, 1959; B.S., Physics, 1956; Ph.D., Business Administration, 1975)


I have been married for 52 years. We have three children and seven grandchildren.

I volunteer at the Harvard Astronomy Department scanning 500 astronomy plates from 30 telescopes to put on the internet. I also teach computers to senior citizens. I was in the computing industry for 46 years in engineering and advanced development with Univac, Digital Equipment, Compaq and HP. I have published four books. At Univac, I worked on software development for world’s first airborne computer and software development for world’s first digital missile guidance system. At Digital Equipment, I contributed to the first workstation system with a mouse, with a high resolution graphics system, and with a fiber optics communication channel. While at Digital Equipment, I helped develop the first large scale distributed workstation system at MIT. I remember using the machine shop to build low temperature apparatus for liquid helium and superconductivity. I was an adjunct professor at MIT, University of Minnesota, University of Texas-Austin, and the University of Massachusetts. My favorite professor was Ed Nye. My favorite courses were physics from A.O.C. Nier, and electronics from M. Blair.