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Pattison, Gerald A. (B.S., Physics, 1959; M.S., E.E.,1967)


I have been married twice resulting in five children and four grandchildren to date.

I have retired from corporate life. I spend my time traveling, remodeling our home, skiing, fishing, swimming, golfing and handling our investments. I spent eight years in R&D at Univac on memory devices and radiation monitoring devices. I designed memory for the first Mars Lander at Honeywell. I designed computer hardware and memories at EMR and Fabritek. I spent 26 years at Physical Electronics managing engineering groups for surface analysis instrumentation. During an atomic physics class, a graduate student was setting up an array of set mousetraps inside a 4’x4’ chicken wire cage, and placing ping-pong balls on each trap. Before he finished and closed the door, he bumped one of the mousetraps too hard, and ping-pong balls bounced off each other and flew all over the classroom- demonstrating the β€œatomic reaction.” I had a number of favorite professors. Dr. Frye taught freshman physics. He loved teaching and it showed! Dr. T. Blair was always working on the Van de Graff or linear acceleration. His skin tone and hair looked like he had his finger in a socket too often. He was a great guy though.