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Brussel, Morton K. (Ph.D., Physics, 1957)


I retired from the University of Illinois in 1995 as a professor of physics.

I have since concerned myself mostly with civic affairs, against U.S. wars in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and attacks of human rights in the United States and elsewhere (Guantanamo). I belong to local activist group called AWARE (anti-war-anti-racism-effort) in Urbana. My wife Phyllis and I have two sons and two grandchildren. I have travelled and worked a lot in France (Saclay and Orsay laboratories). One of my avocations is to promote Le Monde Diplomatique, a serious independent monthly of the left, and whose General Assembly of “Amis” meets each year. My health has been pretty good so far, allowing long day hikes into mountains every year. Backpacking however, which requires a good back, has been abandoned. Music, reading, writing, emails, and the day-to-day affairs of life take up most of my time. Perhaps this note can act as an incentive for others of my vintage to send in their notes as well. My only contacts with old classmates recently have been with Louis Nidus (M.S., Physics, 1952), who dropped into Urbana last year, and Tom Scolman (Ph.D., Physics, 1956), with whom we have exchanged holiday greetings for years. The UIUC physics department continues to be a welcoming and stimulating part of my life here.