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Horst L Truestedt (M.S., Physics, 1968; B. Physics, 1968)


I graduated in Physics from the University of Minnesota in 1968 after studying for eight years while working most of the time at 3M Corp.

in physics research. I had my own lab at 3M. Management wanted me to move to one of the divisions. Many of my friends were starting to use computers more, so when IBM offered me a job in Rochester, MN, I decided to take the position. I started as a diagnostic engineer and ended my career after 30 years as a system architect with special focus on computer storage and interfaces. I started a consulting company at that time called TrueFocus, Inc. focusing on storage and high-speed interfaces (primarily Fibre Channel). My wife, Jeanne (B.S., Education) and I have two daughters and now five grandchildren (four boys and one princess who are 12 to five years old). I travel extensively with my work (in the first year that I retired from IBM, I was home the fi rst week in January and then not for four successive days until Thanksgiving). In October, I made my third trip to Europe this year. I am giving the keynote speech at a storage conference in Vienna. My wife often travels with me. Together
we have been around the world four times. We still enjoy seeing new
things. Here is my web site: