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Darwin H. Throne (M.S., Physics, 1965)


I traveled extensively to about 15 countries around the world.

I got married in 1965. We had two sons. I divorced in 1980. I married Sandy Smith in 1987. I have lived in the Slicon Valley area since 1965. I traveled extensively to about 15 countries around the world. Both of my sons are married, living in Silicon Valley, and are involved in high tech business. My personal interests include tennis, skiing, golf, cycling, backpacking, photography, theater and listening to classical music. I have served on several business and community boards and commissions over the years. I worked for Hewlett Packard Co for ten years on atomic frequency standards and other electronic products. I founded Handar, a remote data acquisition company in 1976 which was sold to TSI in St Paul in 1986. I founded several other startup companies in various fi elds. I am currently working on a new startup (and hopefully the last), Cirgon in the home entertainment industry with an emphasis on photography. I taught a graduate course on entrepreneurship in the School of Engineering Management at Santa Clara University for three years from 1992-1995, based on a book I co-authored entitled “Managing High Tech Startups.” My favorite memory at the University was working in the high altitude physics lab for John Winckler. The combination of physics and electrical engineering was fascinating. My favorite professor was Ed Ney.
My favorite course was particle physics.