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Robert D. Furber (Ph.D., Physics, 1976)


I left the campus in the 1970’s and was last there for a brief visit almost eleven years ago.

Most of the people I knew may have retired by now. I remember Earl
Peterson very well. I noted that he just retired, but will continue to direct the Soudan Laboratory. Earl has a great sense of humor. Sandy Smith, the former secretary for the department, and I have remained good friends. We exchange messages regularly. Wes Peterson
(Ph.D., Physics, 1973) is one of my “classmates”. We keep the telephone and internet links busy, and get together whenever possible.
In case this is not well known there at the department, I want to be sure to tell you all that Wes is now a full professor at ETH in Zurich. I had the pleasure of visiting him last August. I found his work in general relativity (among other subjects) most fascinating. I have been retired since 2000. I would like to spend more time on physics. I am a member of the Southern California Federation of Scientists group in this area. We offer occasional lectures on scientifi c and technological subjects of interest to
the public. We get together on a regular basis to exchange ideas. We
are politically left-leaning. Three of us expect to publish an article on the future of nuclear power in a forthcoming issue of the “Monthly Review”. The University of Minnesota’s School of Physics and Astronomy enjoys a very well deserved reputation. I never fail to brag about my learning experience there. Please extend my best regards to all.