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Richard E. Malenfant (B.S., Physics, 1956)


My wife Darlene and I have four children and eight grandchildren.

I am an instrument rated single and multi-engine commercial pilot and fl ight instructor. I did nuclear critical experiments at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Air Force Office in Nuclear Research. I was at Los Alamos National Laboratory from 1961-1996. I had assignments from Los Alamos to the Department of Energy, (DOE) Office of Military Application and to the Office of Non-Proliferation and National Security. I also served as a consultant to Los Alamos, the DOE, and Sandia National Laboratories. My favorite course (but far from the easiest) was Nuclear Reactor Engineering out of the school of Chemical Engineering taught by Herb Isbin. My favorite courses in physics were the Modern Physics taught by Blair and Quantum Mechanics taught by John Williams. A.O. Nier was the Chairman of the Department. I also enjoyed a course in the use of the slide rule-- a capability now forgotten by the present generation!