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Earle F. Kyle, Jr. (B.S., Physics, 1961)


I am in my fifth year as a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador working with school systems to inspire the next generation of space explorers and helping to develop the local economy using space program spin-off technologies.

Last October my oldest son (Earle Kyle IV) and his youngest son (Nick) died in a canoe accident in Big Sandy Lake in northern Minnesota. I would like to warn your readers of the danger of cold water boating. Although we will never know how their canoe capsized, experts tell me the 55 degree F water was deadly within minutes even though they both had life jackets on. They were found floating near shore the next morning, October 9, 2006. My son was a very intelligent University of Minnesota Law School graduate and a vice president at Medtronic, Inc. I am sure if he had known of the danger of cold water boating he would not have gone out on that lake that day.