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Clark Johnson (B.S. 1950, Advisor: A.O. C. Nier)


Professor A.O.C. Nier was my advisor. I got my M.S. in Electrical Engineering in 1961. I worked after graduation for my B.S. at 3M Corporation.

Now I am a Senior Scientist/Corp Director in Madison, WI. I am on my third marriage; 6 kids; 4 grandkids. Director of RR Hording Co., I travel a lot by train and play duplicate bridge. I worked nine years at 3M and then as a high-tech entrepreneur, starting five companies. I’m now working on radically new data storage technology. My favorite memory of the school was finding the gaseous diffusion column to separate U238/U235 that was buried in the stairwell. I remember that William Fuller Brown, Jr.: was an impressive and motivating teacher that made physics exciting. And as he was a former English Professor, I learned to write concisely and clearly.