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Earle Kyle (B.S. 1961)


I have fond memories of a bunch of us brainstorming in our American institute of Physics student chapter club room (when I was president) trying to create a block diagram of the human brain so we could design an artificial intelligence computer system (boy were we so naive trying to crack this tough nut)

But one of us, my good friend the late John Leslie Pollock, did go on to become an accomplished expert in the field. I'm single and a great grandfather. I love photography, working out with my exercise guru son, relaxing at Lake City watching the sail boats, reading and writing about my favorite subject - starting a human colony on Mars- discussing cosmology with my youngest son who is finishing his Ph.D. at Columbia in NYC, and visiting my daughter in the Twin Cities. I love going to movies, reading tons of books on all sorts of subjects, and going to various technical conferences. In April 2014 I was one of the Minnesota Go Boldly Challenge Honorees for extraordinary achievement in aerospace, where I got to meet Buzz Aldrin, the second man to visit the moon in the spaceship I helped design. I currently run a consultancy specializing in aerospace, nanotechnology, biomedical systems, and education development programs to increase minority and female participation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). For over 12 years I have been working with NASA's Solar Sy. I remember fondly Edward Purdy Ney, my physics professor. He was funny, humble, and so accomplished. He inspired me to join the team in the cosmic ray research lab to help design instruments on the OSO-I Orbiting Solar Observatory. That prepared me for my long aerospace career. I am now Executive Director at TCC Systems, LLC, Rochester, MN.