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John Kronholm (B.S. 1963)


I am retired, but was formerly chair of the math/physics/astronomy/engineering/comp sci. department at Minneapolis College (the 2-year school on Hennepin Ave).

My wife and I are outdoors sorts: backpacking, canoeing. I Enjoyed Bolsterli's informal, no or very few notes, approach to lecturing. Impressed by Nier's bringing out the U235/238 separation tube. Nier's Classical Mechanics was 8 or 9:00 AM after my 4:00 AM job, in the old steam radiator heated room in Folwell. I'd usually fall asleep and my roommate would poke me if I snored. I graded for freshman physics one summer which was only minimum wage allowed by red tape. I recall Werutz having us turn in double our actual times to compensate.