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Robert A. Breun (B.S. 1967)


After graduation I went to Physics Department at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

I was a Senior Scientist in Engineering Physics (was at University of Wisconsin for 22 years). I am currently retired. I married my wife, Jane in 1971 we have two children: Laura (lawyer) and Karen years at UCLA - adjunct assistant professor. My favorite memories of the School is working as a Student Lab Assistant for Fledgling High Energy Physics Group and flying (Turbo-Prop) to Chicago (Argonne) to analyze Bubble Chamber Pictures where we measured Bubble track densities - what a hoot! It was a great way to spend a week-end only time equipment was available to UM group. My favorite course was Introductory Physics, taught by Professor Waddington, an extremely good and articulate lecturer. It was early in the morning though!