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Gary Bickel (Ph.D. 1974, Advisor: S.A. Collins)


My advisor was S.A. Collins. After graduation I worked at ITT Electric Optical Products Division.

I retired in 2004 and do freelance paleoclimatology at home in Los Alumitos, CA. I will have been married 50 years in August 2014 with six grandchildren (ages 3-27), one great-grand-daughter and three children (38-45). Girls in my family outnumber boys six to three. I worked 30 years in Fiber Optics Communication Technology, Optical Fiber Characterization, national and international standards, coupling and connector technology, fiber manufacturing process development and operations, trouble-shooting problems on ISS F.O. components and launch facility communications. I actually enjoyed being a physics lab TA for a class that was predominantly pre-med. My favorite memory is watching a bag-pipe band practice in the Armory parking lot from what is now the Shepard Laboratories. Professor Ben Bayman made classical mechanics very understandable. My favorite course was Solid-State Physics taught by Professor L.H. Nasanow.