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George A. Rosevear (B.S. 1994)


Dr. Blair as advisor, physics, B.S. 1994

Looking at Saturn through the telescope on the roof of the Physics Building and getting "locked" in for one of the experiments at the Particle Accelerator on the River Flats were some of my college highlights. I enjoyed Dr. Gasiorowicz courses; "Introduction to Quantum Mechanics."
Currently Unemployed
KMS Fusion after graduation, and Inventor.

I was a student at the U in the early 70's when the Vietnam War was winding down. I had a draft card just as every man had at that time. R.O.T.C. was on campus and I had a friend in R.O.T.C.

There were other organizations on campus. There was Youth For Christ and Campus Crusade. Once a month I would go to Bridgeman's with them.

The Physics organizations were "Physics Philms" and "Roving Photons." The "Photons" was a study room in the subbasement of the Tate Labs. Once a week I would check-in and see who was there studying. There was also a "Ham" radio club in the basement of Pioneer Hall. When I was there, there was only 5 members of the radio club. My roommate Stan Gibilisco was the President of the club and I was the vice-president. The club was W0YC "Gopher Radio Club."

There was also KUOM AM radio transmitted into the electrical wiring of the dormitories. Even if there was a power failure, KUOM was still there.

I hope this helps the present Physics students find things to do.