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Christina Cowman-Eggert (B.S. Physics and Chemistry)


B.S. in Physics and Chemistry. Then my PhD in 2014 in Chemistry at Cornell University. I am a graduate research fellow.

Married Nicholas Eggert C.B.S. Physics - worked for Roger Rusack - Minnesota, 2009, in September 2012. Moving from Ithaca, NY to St. Paul, MN in 2014. NSF GRFP Fellow, 2011-Polymer Chemistry; starting at 3M in St. Paul after completion of Ph.D. from Cornell in 2014. My MSP lab partner and I (MXP, Spring 2009) decided we would switch our usual roles, and she would build the instrument and I would write the programming (normally, I am more comfortable with the building and she the programming) but the experience brought both of us out of our shells as scientists and out of our comfort zones. My favorite classes were Honors Physics I - III (1401?) with Professor Serge Rudaz, Fall 2005-Fall 2006, they inspired my love of physics, challenging and fun, and I met my husband in that class Freshman year. Also, MXP Spring 2009, got out of my comfort zone, Professor Paul Crowell.