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Caitlin Nolby (B.S. Astrophysics)


B.S. advisor: Professor Roberta Humphreys. Majored in astrophysics. I loved being a TA for Introductory Astronomy.

I learned how much I loved teaching and how fun it was to help those who didn't necessarily have a strong interest in science to appreciate space. While working on my masters in Space Studies, I completed an internship at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center studying outbursting comets and active asteroids. I now work as a coordinator for the NASA Space Grant Program, which is focused on bringing STEM to the K-12 classroom, college level, and the general public. Continuing to work full time, I have recently started a PhD program in Teaching and Learning at the University of North Dakota as I hope to be a professor in the space sciences one. One favorite professors was Kris Davidson for intro to astrophysics. I found myself constantly writing down funny things he said during lecture along with my actual notes for the class. Liliya Williams was also amazing in AST 4001. She worked out the problems with us and helped us to conceptually understand what the math was telling us. Paul Haines for intro to cosmology was also a fantastic professor. He had a way of simplifying seemingly abstract ideas into basic principles so that we could understand. Currently Coordinator for North Dakota NASA Space Grant and ND NASA EPSCoR in Grand Forks. After graduation University of North Dakota