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Mike Sullivan (B.S. Physics)


(I was accepted into the M.S. Meteorology program at UW - Madison and Iowa State but declined to stay at current job position). I am an Application Developer.

I currently live in Minneapolis and I've been enjoying all of the great running trails in the city. Since graduating I have run a full marathon and two half marathons. When I'm not working or running I can generally be found studying/reading about computational physics or meteorology. Two days after my last final exam I started a summer internship at a startup, I was the third employee. At the end of the summer they offered me a full-time job and I had to decide between that and graduate school. I really enjoyed the work that I was doing so I decided that being a part of a startup was too good of an opportunity to pass up. We now have eleven employees and business is growing. Our product, Social Point, is built around the idea of getting conference attendees to participate in innovative and measurable ways such as games, contests, and social media displays. There are many great memories but the one that I am most proud of is being a part of the revival of the Society of Physics Students. After our first meeting with the SUA and finding out that we had not been registered the past few years we realized that we were going to have to jump through a lot of hoops just to become a Registered Student Organization. The growth that SPS had in membership, involvement, and becoming a Campus Life Program was really great to see. I feel that SPS is a great way to develop leaders and foster a community among physics students and I hope that it can keep up its momentum going forward. Physics 3022 Professor Haines really made this class enjoyable because of his style and demeanor. Even though the physical environment was not all that great (MechE 212) he was able to make it a great learning environment. He was always approachable and always willing to explain new concepts. Physics 2201 Professor Hanany had a great teaching process. His lectures were really valuable and his grading system incentivized hard work. Because there was no discussion with this class his office hours were usually full, and were by far the best office hours of any class I took. Not only did he teach us about thermodynamics, he also taught us how to learn physics in general.