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Pattison, Gerald A. (B.S., Physics, 1959; M.S., E.E.,1967)

I have been married twice resulting in five children and four grandchildren to date. More »

Young, Donald E. (Ph.D., Physics, 1959; M.S., Physics/Math, 1951)

I have been married for 60 years to my wife Billie. We have three children and seven grandchildren. More »

McAllister, Diane (Young) (B.S., Physics, 1958)

I have been married to Jerry R. McAllister (B.A., 1957) for 50 years. More »

Brussel, Morton K. (Ph.D., Physics, 1957)

I retired from the University of Illinois in 1995 as a professor of physics. More »

Johnson, Walter H. (Ph.D., Physics, 1956; M.S., Physics, 1952; B.A., Physics, 1950)

My wife and I will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in June. More »

Malenfant, Richard E. (B.S., Physics, 1956)

My wife Darlene and I have four children and eight grandchildren. I am an instrument rated single and multi-engine commercial pilot and flight instructor. More »

Scolman, Theodore T. (Ph.D., Physics, 1956)

I married my wife Edith in 1955. We have two children. I retired in 1989. More »

Horwitz, Nahmin (Ph.D., Physics, 1955; M.S., Physics, 1951)

I entered the department in fall 1950 after getting B.S. degree at Western Reserve. John Buchta was the department chair. More »

Johnson, Jr., Clark E. (B.S., Physics, 1950; M.S., E.E., 1961)

My undergraduate advisor was Al Nier. Physics at the University of Minnesota at that time was focused on nuclear physics, but my interest was in solid-state phenomena. More »

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