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James J. MacKenzie (Ph.D., Physics, 1966; M.S., Physics, 1963)

I married my wife Rhona in 1965. More »

James B. Mehl (Ph.D., Physics, 1966; M.S., Physics, 1964; B.S., Physics, 1961)

I am married with two adult sons, two grandsons and one grand-daughter. More »

Paul A. Nyhuis (M.S., Physics, 1966)

I married my wife Gayle in 1964. More »

Lauren M. Peterson (B.S., Physics, 1966)

I was an Adjunct Professor of EECS and University
of Michigan for 25 years. More »

Darwin H. Throne (M.S., Physics, 1965)

I traveled extensively to about 15 countries around the world. More »

David S. Hanson (M.S., Physics, 1965; B.S., Physics, 1961)

Retirement is great and life is good. More »

Charles D. “Chuck” Swanson (B.S., Physics, 1965)

My wife, Sue, and I enjoy traveling, especially to visit our daughters in San Francisco and Washington D.C. More »

James S. Sarp (B.S., Physics, 1964)

Currently, I am working for United Space Alliance supporting NASA doing astronaut training. More »

Dennis W. Whitson (M.S., Physics, 1964)

I was married in 1961. I have three daughters, one son and five grandchildren. More »

Tung H. Jeong (Ph.D, Physics, 1962)

My wife Anna and I have three children and two grandchildren. From 1963-66 I worked in the summer at Oak Ridge National Laboratories. More »

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