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Tung H. Jeong (Ph.D, Physics, 1962)

My wife Anna and I have three children and two grandchildren. From 1963-66 I worked in the summer at Oak Ridge National Laboratories. More »

Roger I. Johnson (B.S., Physics, 1962)

I have been married to my wife Vicki for 45 years. More »

David C. Look (M.S., Physics, 1962, B.S., Physics, 1960)

I have been married for 40 years to my wife Rita. More »

Earle Kyle (B.S., Physics, 1961)

The latest news is that I have been asked to help Carnegie Mellon University’s Team Astrobotic compete in the $20 million Google Lunar X-Prize. More »

Richard Rue (B.S., Physics, 1961)

My wife and I are world travelers. More »

Athanasois “Tom” Patitsas (MS, Physics, 1961; BS, E.E., 1958)

Many years have passed since I found myself in a large first year
classroom in Tate Lab of Physics in September of 1954. More »

Arthur F. Hayes (M.S., Physics, 1960; B.S., Physics and E.E. 1956)

I am retired. More »

Philip J. Nistler (B.S., Physics, 1960)

I spent eight years at Univac doing research on various ferrite components, and developing a radiation hardened device for monitoring nuclear weapons. More »

Mervine Rosen (Ph.D., Physics, 1960)

I am married and have two children and six grandchildren. More »

Donald W. Vierimaa (formerly Wieriman) (B.S., Physics, 1960)

I was raised in Minneapolis, and I graduated in 1956 from North High. More »

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