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Knauber wins Ovshinsky Award

Brenda Knauber

Brenda Knauber, a physics Ph.D. candidate in Professor James Kakalios’s research group, has been selected for an Ovshinsky Student Travel Award to present her research at the 2019 March American Physical Society’s (APS) Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.

Knauber will present research on on "Hierarchical Kinetics in 1/f Noise in Amorphous and Polycrystalline Semiconductor Thin Films" at the meeting.

The Ovshinsky Student Travel Awards have been established to assist the careers of student researchers. The awards have been endowed by the Ovshinsky family, their colleagues at Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) companies and their numerous friends from many social, intellectual and business relationships. The awards are presented through the APS Division of Materials Physics (DMP). Knauber will be honored with a certificate and financial award at the DMP/DCMP reception at the March Meeting.