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Nicole Olsen

School students, staff and faculty featured in NOvA documentary

Students, staff and faculty from the School are featured in a video, Building a Next Generation Neutrino Experiment about the science and construction of the NOvA experiment. The video was produced by Fermilab.

Thomas W. Jones

Jones named APS Fellow

School of Physics and Astronomy Professor Thomas W. Jones was named as a Fellow of the APS for "For fundamental contributions to our understanding of thermal and non-thermal radiation from extragalactic sources, and the morphology and physics of radio sources." Jones was nominated in the Astrophysics division.


Zooniverse on Science Now

The research of Lucy Fortson and the Galaxy Zoo 2 project were featured in the program Science Now. (Galaxy Zoo story starts at 3:36.) More information about the citizen science efforts of projects like Galaxy Zoo 2, can be found on the Zooniverse website.


A Particle Accelerator in the Radiation Belts

APS journals have highlighted the research of John Wygant and his collaborators in an article "A Particle Accelerator in the Radiation Belts" which deals with his work on the storm belt probe of the Van Allen radiation belts.


NOvA module factory featured in Symmetry

Symmetry magazine did a "Day in the Life" feature article on the NOvA module factory. The article highlights the way the factory works, the process of building modules and the uniqueness of the facility, which is building an incredibly complex detector with mostly student labor and management.

Physics and Nanotechnology Building

School celebrates opening of Physics and Nanotechnology Building

School faculty, students and staff celebrated the opening of the Physics and Nanotechnology building on November 13, with a reception in the new building. Installation of furniture, whiteboards, etc. and customer training on various building systems will continue through December. More »

Sun Kwok

Alumnus Sun Kwok wins outstanding achievment award

Astronomy alumnus, Sun Kwok was honored with an Outstanding Achievment Award from the University of Minnesota. Professor Kwok, who is the Dean of Science at the University of Hong Kong, was cited as an "Outstanding astrophysicist, who demonstrated that the dying stars in the immense structures called planetary nebulae form dust and also forge organic compounds that may play a role in the origin of life." More »

Tate Lab Predliminary design concept drawing

Governor recommends funding for Tate renovation

Gov. Mark Dayton has included $56.7 million for the renovation of the Tate Laboratory of Physics in his 2014 bonding proposal. The Governor's proposal, if approved by the Minnesota House and Senate, would provide two-thirds of a total $85 million construction budget. The project is already in its pre-design phase and plans include modern lecture halls and classrooms, instructional labs, study spaces, and conference rooms, along with dedicated space for the Fine Theoretical Physics Institute and the Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics. More »

Francois Englert (left) and Peter Higgs

Physicists celebrate Nobel Prize for Higgs discovery

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences today awarded the Nobel Prize in physics to theorists Peter Higgs and Fran├žois Englert to recognize their work developing the theory of what is now known as the Higgs field, which gives elementary particles mass. U.S. scientists played a significant role in advancing the theory and in discovering the particle that proves the existence of the Higgs field, the Higgs boson. More »


Lysak named APS Fellow

Professor Robert Lysak has been named a Fellow of the American Physical Society. He was cited "for pioneering contributions to the theory of Alfven wave processes, including kinetic effects, their role in magnetosphere ionosphere coupling in planetary magnetospheres and development of gloval models of MHD wave processes in dipolar geometries."

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