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Physics Slam! A Science Competition so Hot, They Had to Put It On Ice!

Join hundreds of physicists from across the country for a physics event so hot, they had to put it on ice! The Physics Slam is on Friday, August 2, 2013 at 8 p.m. in the Ridder Arena at the University of Minnesota. More »

MINOS Far Detector at the Soudan Underground Laboratory

Soudan Underground Laboratory named top geek getaway

The Soudan Underground Laboratory was named the number one nerd roadtrip by Popular Science Magazine. Check out Soudan Mine Braces for Nerd Invasion for the rest of the story.


Rusack featured in Minnesota Monthly profile

School of Physics and Astronomy Professor Roger Rusack was featured in Minnesota Monthly as part of a series called "Minnesota Miracles." The profile is about his participation in the search for the Higgs boson. More »


Minnesota physicists contribute to discovery of apparent four-quark particle

Physicists in the School of Physics and Astronomy are members of one of the two groups that recently reported the discovery of an intriguing new particle state named Zc(3900). This exceedingly short-lived particle has physicists excited because it presents an unexpected twist in the Standard Model of particle physics, which is the playbook for how the building blocks of matter fit together. More »

NOvA Far Detector Building

NOvA Far Detector Named Top Project

The Twin Cities business magazine, Finance and Commerce, named the NOvA Far Detector building in Ash River, Minnesota as one of the top building projects of 2012. There were more than 70 nominees and the laboratory was one of 26 honored, and one of only two out-state projects to make the list.

Mikahil Shifman

Shifman wins Pomeranchuk Prize

Professor Mikahil Shifman will receive the 2013 Pomeranchuk Prize, an international award for theoretical physicists given by the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics in Moscow. Shifman was cited "for outstanding results in nonperturbative quantum field theory."

James Kakalios

Kakalios blasts the sequester: stifling scientific research will kill economic growth

School of Physics and Astronomy Professor James Kakalios has written an op ed piece in The Hill, Congress Blog that takes the President and Congress to task for the sequester cuts and their stifling effect on scientific research. More »


NOvA featured by U of M News Service

A NOvA Experience for Students, by Deane Morrison is currently running on the University of Minnesota News website.


Watch Nobel Laureate Andre Geim's Public Lecture

The 2013 Van Vleck Lecture "A Random Walk to Graphene" by Andre Geim can be now be viewed online. More »


NOvA neutrino detector records first 3D particle tracks

The most powerful neutrino detector in the United States has recorded its first three-dimensional images of particles.Using the first completed section of the NOvA neutrino detector, scientists have begun collecting data from cosmic rays—particles produced by a constant rain of atomic nuclei falling on the Earth’s atmosphere from space. More »

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