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EBEX balloon in flight

EBEX Balloon launched

Observational cosmologists at the University of Minnesota successfully launched the E and B Experiment Balloon (EBEX) payload on Thursday, June 11th in Fort Sumner, New Mexico at 8:01 a.m.. EBEX is a balloon-borne polarimeter designed to measure the intensity and polarization of the cosmic microwave background radiation. More »

University to receive $40.1 million for NOνA experiment

The University of Minnesota will receive a grant of $40.1 million for the NOνA neutrino experiment construction. Funds are part of $1.2 billion from Recovery Act to be disbursed by Department of Energy’s Office of Science. More »

Albert Fert

Fert to deliver Van Vleck Lecture

Nobel Laureate, Albert Fert will deliver the 2009 Van Vleck lecture April 8, 2009 at 5:00 p.m. in Room 150, Tate Laboratory of Physics. The topic is "Spintronics: electrons, spins, computers and telephones." More »

Newsletter 10 now online

The most recent issue of the School of Physics and Astronomy Newsletter is now online. The issue highlights the alumni of the 1960s. More »

Kamenev and Valls named "Outstanding Referees" by APS

School of Physics and Astronomy Professors Alexander Kamenev and Oriol T. Valls were named "Outstanding Referees by the American Physical Society for 2009. More »

Kakalios on the Science of Watchmen

School of Physics and Astronomy Professor Jim Kakalios is a science consultant on the upcoming movie Watchmen. More »

Local Society of Physics Students named "Outstanding Chapter"

The School of Physics and Astronomy Society of Physics Students (SPS) has been selected as an Outstanding SPS Chapter for the 2007-2008 school year. More »


Goldman to give Regents Professor Lecture

Dr. Allen Goldman, Regents Professor and Head of Physics, will present the first talk of the semester in the Regents Professor Lecture Series. Dr. Goldman will discuss "Superconductivity: High Science and High Technology", on Monday, February 2, 2009, 11:30-1:00 p.m. in the Coffman Union Theater. His talk will be followed by a reception. More »

Physics Force at Northrop will go on

Physics Force will perform their show on Friday, January 16th as scheduled. There is no cancellation due to bad weather. More »

Yong Zhong Qian

Yong Zhong Qian elected APS Fellow

Professor Yong Zhong Qian was recently elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society through the Division of Nuclear Physics. More »

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