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The Aneesur Rahman Award


A $1,000 prize for advanced graduate students for outstanding research contributions.

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Lee Wienkes

2012 Lee Wienkes

Lee Wienkes won the 2012 Aneesur Rahman Award. His research focuses on electron transport in nanostructured thin films and his advisor is James Kakalios. He plans to use the money for a laptop. He is originally from Sparta, Wisconsin. He did his undergraduate degree at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

Anthony Hatke

2011 Anthony Hatke

Anthony Hatke received a 2011 Aneesur Rahman Award. He is originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin. Anthony's advisor is Michael Zudov in the area of nonequilibrium magnetotransport in high mobility structures.
He plans to use his award for computing power and moving expenses.

LiDong Pan

2011 LiDong Pan

LiDong Pan has won the 2011 Aneesur Rahman Award. He is originally from Shanghai, China. He did research with Prof. C. C. Huang in soft condensed matter, specialized in the study of phase transitions in liquid crystal materials.

2010 Mun Chan

Mun Chan won the Aneesur Rahman Award. Originally from Malaysia, his main research interest as a graduate student centered on understanding electron spin dynamics and transport in ferromagnet-semiconductor devices. He is also interested in the effects of the hyperfine interaction on the electron spins. Currently, Mun is studying magnetic excitations in high temperature superconductors using neutron scattering. He plans to use his award for more computing power.


2009 Todd Springer

Todd Springer won the Aneesur Rahman Award. He is a student in high energy theory, nuclear physics, and cosmology. He is planning to use the money to buy new textbooks, and to help me with moving expenses. He will be pursuing a postdoctoral research position at the University of North Carolina this fall. He was born and grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


2009 Alex Levchenko

Alex Levchenko won the Aneesur Rahman Award. He is a student in superconductivity --- fluctuations and non-equilibrium effects. He plans to use his award money for fees and airfare for summer school. He is originally from Kharkov, Ukraine.

Martha Boyer

2008 Martha Boyer

Martha Boyer won the Aneesur Rahman Award. She is a student in observational astrophysics originally from St. Paul, Minnesota. She is currently studying how evolved stars with low metal-contents in those galaxies are able to form dust and expel that dust to the interstellar medium of the galaxies. She may use her award money to visit the Magellan Telescopes in Chile this summer and to attend conferences in Germany and England.

Masaya Nishioka

2008 Masaya Nishioka

Masaya Nishioka wont the Aneesur Rahman Award. He is a student in experimental condensed matter physics. Masaya is studying the transport properties on carbon-based devices, especially organic field effect transistors and graphene spin valves. He plans to use the award to help with expenses after graduation. He is originally from Japan.

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