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The Outstanding T.A. Award


A $200 award which recognizes the work of both graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants. The deadline for nominations is April 12. The nomination form can be found here.

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Marcos Garcia Garcia

Garcia Garcia wins 2016 Outstanding TA Award

Marcos Garcia Garcia won a 2016 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.

Adam Hupach

2015 Adam Hupach

Adam Hupach won the 2015 Outstanding T.A. Award.

Kali Ask

2015 Kalil Ask

Kali Ask won the 2015 Outstanding T. A. Award.

D'ann Barker

2015 D'Ann Barker

D'ann Barker won the 2015 Outstanding T. A. Award.

Chris Conklin

2015 Chris Conklin

Chris Conklin won the 2015 Outstanding T.A. Award. He works with Jorge ViƱals studying electrokinetics of liquid crystals. Their focus has been on understanding the mechanism behind the unique flow effects that occur when a liquid crystal fluid is subject to an electric field. They study this behavior numerically using tools at the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute. He plans to put some of his prize money into savings and some to pay for golf in the summer. He is originally from Eden Prairie, MN.

Nick Mast

2015 Nick Mast

Nick Mast won the 2015 Outstanding T. A. Award. He works with the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search group under advisor, Prof. Vuk Mandic. He plan to use the monetary part of the award to put a dent in my student loans. Nick grew up in Hayward, WI.

Sajna Hameed

2015 Sajna Hameed

Sajna Hameed won the 2015 Outstanding T.A. Award. She currently works on Random Matrix Theory with Prof. Alex Kamenev. Sajna's work mainly concerns with certain eigenvalue properties of products of random matrices that are seen to be invariant with respect to the underlying probability distribution of the matrix elements. She plans to use the award for a trip to California to visit her brother and friends. Sajna is originally from Kerala, India.

2014 Jared Hennen

Jared Hennen won a 2014 Outstanding T.A. Award

2014 Hannah Rogers

Willmert,Justin_TA Award_2014.JPG

2014 Justin Willmert

Justin Willmert won an Outstanding T.A. Award. Working with Professor Clem Pryke, he performs various data analysis tasks for the Keck Array data which will support the recent BICEP2 results. The tasks include checking the data quality as it is received from the telescope and performing calibration calculations. In the immediate term Justin will use the award to help with moving expenses, but he hopes to put save for either a road trip or for a TV. He is originally from Buffalo Center, IA, a small farming community in north-central Iowa just a few miles south of the Iowa-Minnesota border.

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