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The Robert O. Pepin Fellowship


A graduate fellowship honoring the teaching and research career of Robert O. Pepin, long time faculty member of the School of Physics and Astronomy.
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Chris Nolting

Nolting received the 2019 Robert O. Pepin Fellowship

Chris Nolting received the 2019 Robert O. Pepin Fellowship.

Nicholas Mast

Mast received the 2019 Pepin Fellowship

Nicholas Mast received the 2019 Robert O. Pepin Fellowship. Nicholas is originally from Hayward, Wisconsin. He plans plan to use the fellowship to fund research into the use of neutron capture processes for low energy detector calibration. This summer he is part of a group are running an experiment to measure such processes in a cryogenic germanium detector. His area of research interest is Cryogenic particle detectors for dark matter detection.

Yilikal Ayino

Ayino wins 2018 Pepin Fellowship

Yilikal Ayino won the 2018 Pepin Fellowship.

Allison Kennedy

Kennedy wins 2017 Pepin Fellowship

Allison Kennedy won the 2017 Robert O. Pepin Fellowship. Kennedy is originally from Mahtomedi, MN. She plans on using the Fellowship over the summer to conclude her CDMS prototype dark matter detector research and finishing her thesis. Her research is primarily focused on dark matter detection, which she describes as "an odd mishmash of cosmology, particle physics, and condensed matter."

Zachary Robinson

Robinson wins 2017 Pepin Fellowship

Zachary Robinson won the 2016 Robert O. Pepin Fellowship. Robinson is originally from Flower Mound, Texas, a suburb of Dallas - Fort Worth. He plans to use the award to support his summer research. Robinson works in condensed matter experiment, under Uwe Kortshagen in the Mechanical Engineering Dept. Specifically, he studies charge and energy transport through nanocrystal films.

Willmert wins 2016 Pepin Fellowship

Justin Willmert won the 2016 Robert O. Pepin Fellowship

Evgeniy Kurianovych

Kurianovych wins 2016 Pepin Fellowship

Evgeniy Kurianovych wins the 2016 Robert O. Pepin Fellowship.

Adam Peterson

2015 Adam Peterson

Adam Peterson won the 2015 Robert O. Pepin Fellowship. Adam's advisor is Professor Shifman. HIs research has focused on the low energy dynamics of topological strings. Such strings occur in many different fields of physics. In particular, they've explored the dynamics of topological strings occurring in superfluid Helium 3, superconductivity, liquid crystals, Yang Mills theories, and supersymmetry.He plans to use the fellowship to further my research on topological strings. He is originally from Bloomington, MN.


2014 Tobias Gulden

Tobias won the Robert O. Pepin Fellowship. He works on condensed matter theory with his advisor, Alex Kamenev. His research project involves single-molecule magnets, which are large molecules with a big net spin and magnetic moment. They are especially interested in treating the splitting between two degenerate ground states via semiclassical methods. Tobias will use the award to fund summer research. He is originally from Feuchtwangen, a small town in the state of Bavaria in Germany, and he completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Regensburg.

Chien-Te Wu

2013 Chien-Te Wu

Chien-Te Wu is originally from Hsinchu, Taiwan. His research is on the interplay between ferromagnetism and superconductivity, in particular, the superconducting proximity effects in Ferromagnet/Superconductor heterostructures. His advisor is Professor Oriol Valls. Chien-Te plans to use the monetary part of the fellowship to support his summer research.

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