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The Robert O. Pepin Fellowship


A graduate fellowship honoring the teaching and research career of Robert O. Pepin, long time faculty member of the School of Physics and Astronomy.
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Mike Schecter

2012 Mike Schecter

Mike Schechter won the 2012 Robert Pepin Fellowship. The focus of his research is the field of ultracold atomic physics, with emphasis on non-equilibrium quantum gases and impurity problems in one dimension. His work also extends to dynamics of disordered superconductors, with a focus on recently discovered iron-based superconductors and collective modes in multiband superconductors. His adviser is Alex Kamenev. Schecter plans to use the money for travel expenses to summer school in France and workshops in Italy. He is originally from Flint, Michigan.


2009 Anthony Hatke

Anthony Hatke won the Robert O. Pepin Fellowship He is a student in non-equilibrium transport in quantum hall systems. He plans to use the award money for summer support. He is originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Bob Pepin and Jolene Johnson

2007 Jolene L. Johnson

Johnson works in Professor Jochen Mueller's Biological Physics laboratory. Her research specialty is designing and building microfluidic devices. The work combines flourescence with spectroscopy. Eventually the group plans to use the samples to study how HIV assembles.

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