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A fellowship for graduate students created by Mike and Lester Lu. This fellowship was endowed in honor of their father, the late Hoff Lu (Ph.D. 1941). Lu was a distinguished alumnus of the University, working in Al Nier's laboratory during the period when the Professor completed his famous work on U235 and U238. Hoff Lu is known as the father of theoretical nuclear physics in China.
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Sharan Banagiri

Banagiri wins 2018 Lu Fellowship

Sharan Banagiri won the 2018 Hoff Lu Fellowship. Banagiri is originally from India. He plans on using the award money for research support during the summer of 2018. His area of research is detection and analysis of gravitational waves. His focus is on stochastic gravitational wave backgrounds and long duration gravitational wave transients.

D'ann Barker

Barker wins 2017 Lu Fellowship

D'ann Barker won the 2017 Hoff Lu Fellowship. Barker completed his undergrad and masters in South Dakota, but we moved around a bit while I was growing up. Barker plans to use her fellowship to continue working on her research. "I feel very honored to have received this fellowship and would like to make a lot of progress during the summer months," she said. Barker works with Professor Prisca Cushman on SuperCDMS which is a direct detection dark matter experiment. Specifically, she works on the CDMSlite data from SuperCDMS as well as low energy background mode.

Ming Li

Li wins 2016 Lu Fellowship

Ming Li won the 2016 Hoff Lu Fellowship.

Xiaoyu Wang

2015 Xiaoyu Wang

Xiaoyu Wang won the 2015 Hoff Lu Fellowship. His research interest is on condensed matter theory, in particular high temperature superconductivity and magnetism. His advisor is Rafael Fernandes. He plans to use the fellowship to to fund his summer research as well as attend conferences. He is originally from China.

Prestegard,Tanner_Hoff Lu_2014.JPG

2014 Tanner Prestegard

Tanner Prestegard won the 2014 Hoff Lu Fellowship. His research focuses on the detection of gravitational waves with the LIGO experiment. Tanner's advisor is Professor Vuk Mandic. He will use the fellowship for summer research support. Tanner is originally from Rochester, MN.

Sener Ozonder

2013 Sener Ozonder

Sener Ozonder is originally from Turkey. The focus of his research is calculating the initial conditions for the very first moments of the Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP) created in heavy-ion collisions at RHIC, BNL and LHC, CERN. He uses effective models based on Quantum Chromodynamics. The initial conditions such as the initial energy density determines the later evolution of QGP as it expands. The expanding QGP has features that are similar to the Big Bang. Sener’s advisor is Prof. Joseph Kapusta. He plans to use the fellowship for support during the summer while he is writing his dissertation.

Yeonbae Lee

2012 Yeonbae Lee

Yeonbae Lee won the 2012 Hoff Lu Fellowship. Lee is an international student from Korea. His research involves in studying Superconductor-Insulator transition in very thin film configurations such as indium oxides, under the supervision of Prof. Allen Goldman. He uses an exotic material called "Ionic Liquids" to control the charge carrier density of the system. The award will provide summer research support, which will substitute for his current financial supports as an RA.

Ryo Namba

Ryo Namba 2011

Ryo Namba won the 2011 Hoff Lu Fellowship. He is originally from Okayama, Japan. His research advisor is Marco Peloso, and his research area is particle cosmology. He plans to use the scholarship to do his project over the summer.


2010 Xiaoyi Cui

Xiaoyi Cui won the Hoff Lu Fellowship in Physics. Originally from Qufu, China (hometown of Confucius), Xiaoyi's main research interest is in theoretical high energy physics. Xiaoyi will use the scholarship funds towards research this summer.


2009 Anthony Hatke

Anthony Hatke won the Hoff Lu Fellowship. He is a student in Non-equilibrium transport in quantum hall systems. He plans to use the award money for summer support. He is originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin.

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