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The Anatoly Larkin Fellowship


The Larkin Fellowship is a fellowship awarded to a physics graduate student whose adviser is a member of the Fine Theoretical Physics Institute. The fellowship was established in memory of Professor Anatoly Larkin and was endowed by a group of 43 donors made up of his former students and colleagues.
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2007 Roman M. Lutchyn

Roman Lutchyn won the Anatoly Larkin Fellowship. He is a theoretical physicist whose research interests is in the area of quantum condensed matter physics. In the past three years he has been working on the problems in mesoscopic superconductivity with possible application to solid state quantum information devices. He studies the fundamental limitations on the coherence time in superconducting quantum bits. Lutchyn recently moved to the University of Maryland to work as a postdoctoral research fellow.

Romand and Tao

2007 Tao Hu

Tao Hu won the Anatoly Larkin Fellowship. His primary area of research is condensed matter theory, which he studies under Professor Boris Shklovskii at the Fine Theoretical Physics Institute. He is originally from China.

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