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Grad Scholarship

The Anatoly Larkin Fellowship

The Larkin Fellowship is a fellowship awarded to a physics graduate student whose adviser is a member of the Fine Theoretical Physics Institute. The fellowship was established in memory of Professor Anatoly Larkin and was endowed by a group of 43 donors made up of his former students and colleagues.
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The Aneesur Rahman Award

A $1,000 prize for advanced graduate students for outstanding research contributions.

The Outstanding T.A. Award

A $200 award which recognizes the work of both graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants. The deadline for nominations is April 12. The nomination form can be found here.

The Robert O. Pepin Fellowship

A graduate fellowship honoring the teaching and research career of Robert O. Pepin, long time faculty member of the School of Physics and Astronomy.
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The Hoff Lu Fellowship

A fellowship for graduate students created by Mike and Lester Lu. This fellowship was endowed in honor of their father, the late Hoff Lu (Ph.D. 1941). Lu was a distinguished alumnus of the University, working in Al Nier's laboratory during the period when the Professor completed his famous work on U235 and U238. Hoff Lu is known as the father of theoretical nuclear physics in China.
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