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Robinson receives DOE Graduate Student Research Program Award

Zachary Robinson
Zachary Robinson

Physics Ph.D. Candidate Zachary Robinson received the DOE’s 2017 Office of Science Graduate Student Research Program Award. Robinson was one of only 52 students nationwide selected for the award.

Robinson will be conducting research in ultrafast materials and chemical sciences at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in New Mexico for DOE’s Basic Energy Sciences program. At Los Alamos, he will be studying "exciton transport in nanocrystal films." Excitons consist of bound electron-hole pairs, and an understanding of their diffusion mechanisms is useful for next generation solar and LED industries, as well as interesting on a fundamental science level. He’ll be studying exciton dynamics in nanocrystals on the femto and pico second timescales and observe how excitons move in real time.

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