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SPS Named Outstanding Chapter

Levi Walls at the Family Fun Fair outreach event
SPS President Levi Walls at the Family Fun Fair outreach event

The School's chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) was named "Outstanding Chapter" by the national organization. Chapter President Levi Walls said that "despite being confined to Shepherd Labs due to the Tate remodel, SPS was able to increase the number of opportunities for members to volunteer within the department and community at large."

"In addition to a trip to the Monitcello Nuclear Power Plant that was over a year in the making," Walls said, "we solidified a connection with Xcel Energy, the owner of the power plant: SPS has been invited back for the foreseeable future." Walls said that the group focused on increasing representation of women in physics and STEM. Together, with Women in Physics and Astronomy, (WIPA) SPS co-hosted seminars, colloquia, and fun nights devoted to initiate important conversations about diversity in an engaging manner. SPS also collaborated with the newly formed Climate and Diversity Committee to offer suggestions for improvement to life as a physics undergrad. Walls said this step has helped SPS solidify its position as a conduit for the voices of physics undergrads to be heard.

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