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School welcomes EFW physicists

Space probe in flight
Pictured here is a radiation belt storm probe spacecraft in the process of deploying the electric field and waves instrument.
Courtesy John Hopkins Laboratory of Applied Physics

The School of Physics and Astronomy will host a group meeting of the Science Team of the Electric Field and Waves (EFW) of NASA's Radiation Belt Storm Probe. The meeting, coordinated by Professor John Wygant, will include physicists from 10 universities who will convene May 26-28, 2010 in 210 physics.

The Radiation Belt Storm Probe (RBSP) is a A two spacecraft investigation of relativistic particles during major geophysical storms.

See an animation of 8 years of RBSP data here. The black semi-sphere in the animation represents the Earth and the colored bands represent relativistic particles in the magnetosphere.

See a video of a RBSP spacecraft deploying the electric field and waves instrument.