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First Results from BICEP2 CMB Telescope

Dark Sector Lab__BICEP2.jpg
The Dark Sector Lab (DSL), located 3/4 of a mile from the Geographic South Pole, houses the BICEP2 telescope (left) and the South Pole Telescope (right).
Steffen Richter, Harvard University

The first results from the BICEP2 CMB telescope will be presented on a special web cast on Monday, March 17 at 10:45-11:30 EDT. Minnesota is a major contributor to BICEP2, under the leadership of Professor Clem Pryke. The webcast will begin with a presentation 10:45-11:30 EDT, followed by a news conference 12:00-1:00 EDT.

You can join the webcast from the link at

Papers and data products will be available at 10:45 EDT at

More information at