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Nolting wins NSF Fellowship

Chris Nolting
Chris Nolting
Annie Bartels

Chris Nolting, a first year graduate student in astrophysics has been awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. The award is for three years of support. Nolting's fellowship was one of 11 awarded to the College of Science and Engineering this year.

The NSF award will support Nolting's research with Professor Tom Jones to study the dynamics of the intra-cluster medium using the morphologies of the jets from active galactic nuclei. Together they will use resources from the Minnesota Supercomputer Institute and codes developed at the University of Minnesota to conduct magneto-hydrodynamic simulations. These simulations of the jets created by super-massive black holes and their effects on the environment of clusters of galaxies can be compared to observations to better understand both the properties of the jets and the physical conditions within galaxy clusters. The comparison observations come from a variety of radio telescope surveys, including sources identified by citizen scientists working on the Radio Galaxy Zoo project, for which Professor Lawrence Rudnick is a project adviser.