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Arpit wins 2017 Jones Scholarship


Arora Arpit won the 2017 Laverne and Ted Jones Scholarship for Undergraduate Astrophysics. Arpit is originally from India. About the scholarship he said, "I am thankful to the university for this Jones award. My family is the major contributor towards my tuition fee and cost of attendance. There is a big disparity between USD and INR, the Jones award is a welcome respite on my shoestring budget."

Arpit said the scholarship will play a key role in achieving his educational aspirations. "The award will also constantly push me to strive further in search of excellence in my subject without unnecessarily worrying about finances. I will use a part of this award in my observatory visits and related exercise and the remaining towards the subscription of the Astrophysics/Physics books."

Arpit worked with Professor Skillman on star formation histories of dwarf galaxies and how far JWST efficiently probe different epochs of star formation. "I would like to focus my research on theoretical aspects of astrophysics and become a cosmologist. I am looking for a right opportunity for the same."