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Student Award

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Lange win 2016 Franklin Scholarship

Jack Lange won the 2016 Edmond B. Franklin Scholarship in Physics.

Jiaming Zheng

Zheng wins 2016 Larkin Fellowship

Jiaming Zheng won the 2016 Anatoly Larkin Fellowship.

Ming Li

Li wins 2016 Lu Fellowship

Ming Li won the 2016 Hoff Lu Fellowship.

Willmert wins 2016 Pepin Fellowship

Justin Willmert won the 2016 Robert O. Pepin Fellowship

Evgeniy Kurianovych

Kurianovych wins 2016 Pepin Fellowship

Evgeniy Kurianovych wins the 2016 Robert O. Pepin Fellowship.

Sheng Tian

Tian wins 2016 Burlaga Fellowship

Sheng Tian wins the 2016 Dr. Leonard F. Burlaga/Arctowski Medal Fellowship.

Vikram Nagarajan

Nagarajan wins 2016 Nier Scholarship

Vikram Nagarajan won the 2016 Alfred O. C. Nier Scholarship in Physics. Vikram does research on the synthesis of the high-temperature superconductor mercury barium copper oxide with advisor Martin Greven. He plans to use his award for tuition as well as possibly visiting potential graduate schools. He is originally from Plymouth, MN.

Ryan Marshall

Marshall wins 2016 Goldman Fellowship

Ryan Marshall won the 2016 Allen M. Goldman Fellowship.

Michael Revering

Revering wins 2016 Nier Scholarship

Michael Revering won the 2016 Alfred O. C. Nier Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics. Revering's research is in data acquisition for CMS,(an experiment at the Large Hadron Collider) such as writing firmware for data transmission, creating databases to store test results, or writing software used to process data.He plans to use the monetary part of the reward to support travel to CERN this summer, where he will continue his research He is originally from South Minneapolis.

Tao Qu

Qu wins 2016 Rahman Award

Tao Qu won the 2016 Aneesur Rahman Award.

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