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Student Award

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2014 Robert Carlon

Robert won an Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship.


2014 Matt Epland

Matt won a Hagstum Award. He performed simulation studies of upgrades to the ATLAS detectors tracker with his external advisor, Professor Ayana Arce of Duke University, and his internal advisor, Professor Marvin Marshak. Matt will use his award to support his move to North Carolina to begin graduate school at Duke University. He is originally from Oakdale, Minnesota.


2013 Michael Veidt

Michael Veit won the Jeffrey Basford Scholarship

Tyler Kelley

2013 Tyler Kelley

Tyler is originally from Round Rock, Texas. He researches the starburst activity in dwarf galaxies with Professor Skillman and research associate Kristy McQuinn. Tyler will use the award towards his books and tuition for next semester.

Matthew Epland

2013 Matthew Epland

Matthew is originally from Oakdale, Minnesota. This summer he will work at Duke University and CERN on silicon strip tracker upgrades for the ATLAS detector through the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory REU program. In the past Matthew worked with Professor Cushman's Cryogenic Dark Matter Search research group and with Professor Marshak on neutrino physics. He will attend graduate school to continue his studies in experimental high energy physics. Matthew will use the award to help pay for next year's tuition.

2013 Lily Hanson

Lily Hanson won the 2013 Homer D. Hagstrum Award in Physics.

Isaiah Gray

2013 Isaiah Gray

Isaiah Gray is originally from Roseville, Minnesota. Isaiah works with Professor Dan Dahlberg in condensed matter experiment. He is looking at giant magnetoresistance in single thin films, with possible applications to improving hard drives. He plans to use the award to pay for tuition, rent, food, and graduate school applications.

2013 Nicholas Kruger

Nicholas Kruger is originally from Madison, Wisconsin. His research focus is in Ferromagnetic spin transport in semiconductors, under advisor Paul Crowell. Nicholas plans to use the award money for on tuition and books for next semester.

Melanie Galloway

2013 Melanie Galloway

Melanie Galloway is originally from White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Her research is on bar effects in AGN host galaxies, using data from the citizen science project Zooniverse. Her advisor is Lucy Fortson. Melanie used a small part of the award money to give her students a pizza party while they played Physics Jeopardy on the last day of their discussion. “I'm trying to convince myself to use the rest for bills, but I'll probably use some to buy the new Pokémon games.“

Chien-Te Wu

2013 Chien-Te Wu

Chien-Te Wu is originally from Hsinchu, Taiwan. His research is on the interplay between ferromagnetism and superconductivity, in particular, the superconducting proximity effects in Ferromagnet/Superconductor heterostructures. His advisor is Professor Oriol Valls. Chien-Te plans to use the monetary part of the fellowship to support his summer research.

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