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Student Award

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2014 Xin Li

Xin Li won the 2014 Anatoly Larkin Fellowship.

2014 Jared Hennen

Jared Hennen won a 2014 Outstanding T.A. Award

2014 Hannah Rogers


2014 Qianhui Shi

Qianhui won the Allen M. Goldman Fellowship.

Stifter,Kelly_Nier_TA Award_2014.JPG

2014 Kelly Stifter

Kelly won the A.O.C. Nier Scholarship as well as an Outstanding T.A. Award.


2014 Xiangwei Tang

Xiangwei won the Burlaga Award.

Prestegard,Tanner_Hoff Lu_2014.JPG

2014 Tanner Prestegard

Tanner Prestegard won the 2014 Hoff Lu Fellowship. His research focuses on the detection of gravitational waves with the LIGO experiment. Tanner's advisor is Professor Vuk Mandic. He will use the fellowship for summer research support. Tanner is originally from Rochester, MN.


2014 Chien-Te Wu

Chien-Te won the Aneesur Rahman Award. His research focuses on the superconducting proximity effects in Ferromagnet/Superconductor heterostructures with his advisor, Professor Oriol Valls. Chien-Te will use the award for support in the summer while writing his thesis. He is originally from Hinschu, Taiwan.


2014 Dan Endean

Dan won the Aneesur Rahman Award. He and his advisor, Professor Dan Dahlberg, research the properties of nanoscale magnets and the origins of magnetic noise. Dan and his wife hope to get a dog and this award will help with the expenses. He is originally from Holland, Michigan, and after graduation he will work in the Aerospace Division at Honeywell.

Willmert,Justin_TA Award_2014.JPG

2014 Justin Willmert

Justin Willmert won an Outstanding T.A. Award. Working with Professor Clem Pryke, he performs various data analysis tasks for the Keck Array data which will support the recent BICEP2 results. The tasks include checking the data quality as it is received from the telescope and performing calibration calculations. In the immediate term Justin will use the award to help with moving expenses, but he hopes to put save for either a road trip or for a TV. He is originally from Buffalo Center, IA, a small farming community in north-central Iowa just a few miles south of the Iowa-Minnesota border.

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