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Student Award

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D'ann Barker

2015 D'Ann Barker

D'ann Barker won the 2015 Outstanding T. A. Award.

Joel Therneau

2015 Joel Therneau

Joel Therneau won the 2015 Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. Joel's research involves investigating damage to optical thin films under high intensity laser irradiation. His adviser is Prof. Joseph Talghader. He plans to use the scholarship to pay for tuition. He is originally from Rochester, MN.

David Bosch

2015 David Bosch

David Bosch won the 2015 Jeffrey Basford Award. He will be studying spin transport in ferromagnetic and semiconducting materials under my research adviser Paul Crowell.David plans to use the monetary part of his award to help pay for tuition expenses. He is originally from Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Brendon Jones

2015 Brendon Jones

Brendon Jones won the 2015 Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. Brendon will be doing research with professor Kakalios next year, dealing with disordered systems. He plans to use the scholarship to pay his tuition in his senior year. He is originally from Lakeville Minnesota.

Kelly Stifler

2015 Kelly Stifter

Kelly Stifter won the 2015 Hagstrum Award. Her research is the electronics for and commissioning of a new Cherenkov radiation detector for the CMS experiment at CERN. My advisor is Roger Rusack. She will use the monetary part of the award will be used to help with her move to California to go to graduate school at Stanford. She is originally from Shoreview, MN.

Chris Conklin

2015 Chris Conklin

Chris Conklin won the 2015 Outstanding T.A. Award. He works with Jorge ViƱals studying electrokinetics of liquid crystals. Their focus has been on understanding the mechanism behind the unique flow effects that occur when a liquid crystal fluid is subject to an electric field. They study this behavior numerically using tools at the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute. He plans to put some of his prize money into savings and some to pay for golf in the summer. He is originally from Eden Prairie, MN.

Xiaoyu Wang

2015 Xiaoyu Wang

Xiaoyu Wang won the 2015 Hoff Lu Fellowship. His research interest is on condensed matter theory, in particular high temperature superconductivity and magnetism. His advisor is Rafael Fernandes. He plans to use the fellowship to to fund his summer research as well as attend conferences. He is originally from China.

Lauren Schlenker

2015 Lauren Schlenker

Lauren Schlenker won the 2015 Harry and Viola St. Cyr Scholarship for Summer Research. She works with Professor Martin Greven's research group, growing and studying high-temperature superconductors in order to discover the physics behind why these materials work they way they do. She plans on using the money for tuition, and also treating herself to a nice laptop to use for my upcoming aerospace classes. She is originally from Woodbury, MN.

Quynh Nguyen

2015 Quynh Nguyen

Quynh Nguyen won the 2015 Hagstrum Award. He worked with Professor Jeremiah Mans for the CMS experiment, and with Dr. Alberto Marchionni for the Deep Underground Neutrino experiment at Fermilab. He plans to use the money to visit home (Vietnam) in the summer. He plans to attend the physics PhD program next year at New York University.

Han Fu

2015 Han Fu

Han Fu won the 2015 Larkin Fellowship. Her research focuses on the electronic physics in nano-systems such as nanotubes, nanocrystals and nanoclusters. Her adviser is Professor Boris Shklovskii. She plans to use the fellowship to study the electron distribution around donor nanoclusters in SrTiO3 (STO). She is originally from China.

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