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Nicholas Smith

2012 Nicholas Smith

Nichaolas Smith won a 2012 Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. His research is with Professor Dan Cronin-Hennessy on the BESIII project, He does data analysis to help determine the cross section of D meson events, in particular, how the loss of collision energy due to
beam photon emission effects the mass distribution of the resulting D mesons, and hence the fits that determine the D counts. He plans to use the scholarship for tuition next year. He is originally from Redwing, Minnesota.

Alexander Ditter

2012 Alexander Ditter

Alexander Ditter won a 2012 Outstanding T.A. Award. He does cosmology research with Professor Shaul Hanany. He plans to spend spend his award money on tuition and rent. He is originally from Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

Jonathan Morris

2012 Jonathan Morris

Jonathan Morris won an 2012 Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. His research focuses on in vivo gene regulation of the E. coli PcroOR3 promoter, with Professor Vincent Noireaux. He plans to use the monetary portion of the award will assist in paying for living expenses, GRE and LSAT testing, and graduate application fees. He is originally from Saint Louis, Missouri.

Charles D. Brown II

2012 Charles D. Brown II

Charles Brown won the 2012 Marquit Undergraduate Scholarship. The focus of his research is magnetic properties of materials, which is studying under Professor Dan Dahlberg. am currently working with professor Dalhberg. He plans to use the award to help pay for tuition.
He is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Allison Kennedy

2012 Allison Kennedy

Allison Kennedy won a 2012 Outstanding T.A. Award. She works on the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS) under Vuk Mandic and Prisca Cushman. She is currently focused on Monte Carlo simulations. She used a portion of the money to pay for a trip to visit her brother in Chicago. She is originally from Minnesota.

Robin Heinonen

2012 Robin Heinonen

Robin Heinonen is interested in a variety of areas of mathematical and theoretical physics. He is researching superintegrability of classical and quantum Hamiltonian systems with Willard Miller,and working with Woods Halley on a condensed matter project applying an interesting phase originating from a constant electric field to electron interferometry. He is also studying information theory and Sobolev-type inequalities under Sergey Bobkov. He plans to use the scholarship to pay rent and for summer courses. He is originally from Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Barun Dhar

2011 Barun Dhar

Barun Dhar research involves modelling the structural variations of light and dark matter in galaxies and clusters of galaxies and thereby gaining insights on their formation and evolution history. His advisor is Liliya Williams (in Astronomy). He is originally from Mumbai, India.

Ryo Namba

2012 Ryo Namba

Ryo Namba is in Marco Peloso's research group and works on particle cosmology, especially on the early universe. He is originally from Okayama, Japan.

Meng-ru Wu

2012 Meng-ru Wu

Meng-ru Wu studies theoretical nuclear physics under Yong-Zhong Qian. His research focuses on how neutrinos evolve their flavors on the way out from the core of supernovae and the related physical consequences. He plans to use the award to buy a laptop or attend some physics conferences. He is originally from Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Mitchell Ambrose

2012 Mitchel Ambrose

Mitchel Ambrose won the 2012 Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. He is currently working with Professor Roger Rusack on the development of a direction-sensitive Cerenkov detector for beam monitoring applications in the Large Hadron Collider. He will be traveling to CERN this summer to continue this research.He plans to use the scholarship money to help finance my final year of undergraduate education. He is originally from Inver Grove Heights, MN.

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