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Student Award

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Lee Wienkes

2012 Lee Wienkes

Lee Wienkes won the 2012 Aneesur Rahman Award. His research focuses on electron transport in nanostructured thin films and his advisor is James Kakalios. He plans to use the money for a laptop. He is originally from Sparta, Wisconsin. He did his undergraduate degree at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

Barun Dhar

2012 Barun Dhar

Barun Dhar won an 2012 Outstanding T.A. Award. His research is on modeling the density distribution of stars in galaxies and dark matter in clusters of galaxies and understanding possible connections between the baryonic and dark matter content in galaxies and
clusters of galaxies. He is originally from India.

Grant Remmen

2012 Grant Remmen

Grant Remmen won the 2012 Hagstrum Award in Physics. Originally from Detroit Lakes, MN, Grant is graduating summa cum laude in astrophysics, physics, and math. He is currently conducting Hubble Space Telescope research on Eta Carinae with Dr. Kris Davidson. Previous work includes general relativistic spin-orbit coupling, under Dr. Kinwah Wu, University College London, black hole distortion, with Dr. Robert Gehrz, and a new estimate of Galactic dark matter, with Dr. Thomas Walsh. Grant will use this award toward graduate study (physics, PhD) at the California Institute of Technology this fall.


2011 Colin Clement

Colin Clement won the Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship in physics.


2011 Alex Ditter

Alex Ditter won the Alfred O.C. Nier Scholarship in Physics.


2011 Nicholas Smith

Nicholas Smith won the Harry and Viola St. Cyr Scholarship for Summer Research in Physics.


2011 Alex Walter

Alex Walter won the J. Morris Blair Scholarship in Physics.


2011 Grant Remmen

Grant Remmen won the 2011 Edmund G. Franklin Scholarship. Originally from Detroit Lakes, MN, Remmen plans to pursue a PhD in theoretical astrophysics. He is currently working with Dr. Kris Davidson on mapping emission lines near Eta Carinae using new Hubble data. In 2011, Remmen researched with Dr. Kinwah Wu at University College London on general relativistic 3-body spin-orbit coupling. Previous research includes black hole distortion, under Dr. Robert Gehrz, and a new estimate of Galactic dark matter, under Dr. Thomas Walsh. Remmen has received the AAS Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Award.

Ryo Namba

Ryo Namba 2011

Ryo Namba won the 2011 Hoff Lu Fellowship. He is originally from Okayama, Japan. His research advisor is Marco Peloso, and his research area is particle cosmology. He plans to use the scholarship to do his project over the summer.

Te Yu Chen

2011 Te Yu Chen

Te Yu Chen won the 2011 Allen M. Goldman Fellowship. He is originally from Taiwan. His research adviser is Prof. Paul Crowell in experimental condensed matter physics (Spin dynamics in ferromagnets).
He plans to use the scholarship for dissertation research during the summer.

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