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Student Award

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Jonathan Morris

2011 Jonathan Morris

Jonathan Morris received the 2011 Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. He is originally from Saint Louis, Missouri. He is currently studying gene expression networks and protein diffusion, in order to quantitatively characterize the output of transcription-translation reactions. His advisor is Vincent Noireaux. He plans to use the scholarship to cover tuition and living expenses during the academic year.

Erik Aver

2011 Erik Aver

Erik Aver won a 2011 Outstanding TA Award. His hometown is Libby, Montana He does research with Keith Olive on the primordial helium abundance, which falls under Cosmology, Big Bang Nucleosynthesis specifically. My award was in recognition of teaching assistant duties, and I plan to use it to purchase a new laptop for research.

Derek Lee

2011 Derek Lee

Derek Lee received a 2011 Outstanding TA Award. He is originally from White Bear Lake, Minnesota. He is studying high energy theory in astrophysics and cosmology under Tom Walsh. He plans to use the award to expand his physics library (a never ending project!)

Robert Peterson

2011 Robert Peterson

Robert Peterson won the 2011 Hagstrum Award. He is originally from Duluth, Minnesota. Peterson worked for Shaul Hanany doing electrical and mechanical design of components for the EBEX experiment. He will be attending graduate school at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he plans to study experimental quantum optics.He plans to use the scholarship money for moving to Boulder this summer.

LiDong Pan

2011 LiDong Pan

LiDong Pan has won the 2011 Aneesur Rahman Award. He is originally from Shanghai, China. He did research with Prof. C. C. Huang in soft condensed matter, specialized in the study of phase transitions in liquid crystal materials.

Christorpher Geach

2011 Christopher Geach

Christopher Geach has won the 2011 Hagstrum Award. Geach is originally from Minneapolis. His research advisor is Shaul Hanany. He has been working in experimental cosmology, but plans to pursue theoretical particle physics. The award will go towards funding a bicycle trip to South America.


2010 Alex Gude

Alex Gude won the Outstanding T.A. Award. Originally from Concord, California, Alex's main research interest is in High Energy Experiment. He is currently working with Professor Mans on CMS. He plans to use the scholarship money to help pay for his rent and groceries.


2010 Roxanne Radpour

Roxanne Radpour won the Outstanding T.A. Award. Originally from Orange County, California, Roxanne's main research interest is in Particle Physics and Cosmology. She will be working with Vuk Mandic's CDMS group this summer. She plans to use her scholarship money towards getting a new bike.

Jan Zirnstein.jpg

2010 Jan Zirnstein

Jan Zirnstein won the Outstanding T.A. Award. Originally from Germany Jan moved to the United States in April 2000. He attended the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Economics. Currently, his main research interest is the experimental side of high energy particle physics. He is also excited to rejoin the NOvA collaboration this summer. Jan is planning to use his award money to help pay rent and utilities.

DSC_2787 copy.jpg

2010 Christopher Granstrom-Arndt

Christopher Granstrom-Arndt won the Outstanding T.A. Award. (Undergraduate T.A.) Originally from Rochester, Minnesota, Christopher has a broad range of interests that will likely change, including optics, mathematical physics, the quantum hall effect, and statistical mechanics of phase transitions. He plans to use his award funds towards books and living expenses.

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