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Student Award

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Melissa Bosch

2015 Melissa Bosch

Melissa Bosch won the 2015 Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. She will participate in the UIUC Physics REU program, focusing on the growth of high-temperature superconducting thin films under Dr. Dale Van Harlingen. Her (U of M) adviser is Prof. Paul Crowell. She plans to use the scholarship to pay for tuition. She is originally from Maple Grove, MN.

Alexander Engel

2015 Alexander Engel

Alexander Engel won the 2015 Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. He plans to use the scholarship for tuition. He is originally from Circle Pines.

Xin Li

2015 Xin Li

Xin Li won the 2015 Aneesur Rahman Award. Her research focuses on phenomenology of hadrons containing heavy quarks, and explaining experimental results from electron-positron collisions. Her advisor is Prof. Mikhail Voloshin. She is originally from Wuhan, a city in China that is also on the river. She spent two years in Purdue University before coming to Minnesota to study particle physics.

Nick Mast

2015 Nick Mast

Nick Mast won the 2015 Outstanding T. A. Award. He works with the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search group under advisor, Prof. Vuk Mandic. He plan to use the monetary part of the award to put a dent in my student loans. Nick grew up in Hayward, WI.

Sajna Hameed

2015 Sajna Hameed

Sajna Hameed won the 2015 Outstanding T.A. Award. She currently works on Random Matrix Theory with Prof. Alex Kamenev. Sajna's work mainly concerns with certain eigenvalue properties of products of random matrices that are seen to be invariant with respect to the underlying probability distribution of the matrix elements. She plans to use the award for a trip to California to visit her brother and friends. Sajna is originally from Kerala, India.

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