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Nina Bielinski

Bielinski wins 2018 Oswald Scholarship

Nina Bielinski won the 2018 Oswald Scholarship in Physics. Bielinski is originally from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Her plan for the award money is to purchase equipment for her thesis project on high-temperature superconducting cuprates using torque magnetometry. Bielinski studies condensed matter physics with Professor Martin Greven.

Andrea Walker

Walker wins Blair Scholarship

Andrea Walker won the 2018 J. Morris Blair Scholarship in Physics.

Andrea Walker

Walker wins 2018 Basford Scholarship

Andrea Walker won the 2018 Jeffrey Basford Scholarship in Physics.

Hannah Rogers

Rogers wins 2017 Greiling Fellowship

Hannah Rogers won the 2017 Robert E. Greiling Jr. Fellowship for her research in Cosmic Rays.

Mengxing Ye

Ye wins 2017 Greiling Fellowship

Mengxing Ye won The 2017 Robert E. Greiling J. Fellowship for her research in condensed matter theory.

Che Hsu Li

Li wins 2017 Outstanding T.A. Award

Che Hsu Li won a 2017 Outstanding T.A. Award. He is originally from Taiwan. He plans to use the award money to "keep surviving in the United State." When asked about his research Li said, "actually, I have not yet decided a specific topic, but it would be in the field of high energy physics. I am also very interested in some fundamental problems in quantum mechanics and statistics, such as the measurement problem."

Aaron Hamann

Hamann wins 2017 Nier Scholarship

Aaron Hamann won the 2017 The A.O.C. Nier Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics.

Adam Hines

Hines wins 2017 Jones Scholarship

Adam Hines won the 2017 Laverne and Ted Jones Scholarship for Undergraduate Astrophysics.

Katherine Chworowsky

Katherine Chworowsky won the 2017 Hazel Swanson Scholarship for Undergraduate Astrophysics.

Alex Igl

Igl wins 2017 Swanson Scholarship

Alex Igl received the 2017 Hazel Swanson Scholarship for Undergraduate Astrophysics.

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