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Lance Davis

Davis receives 2019 Hagstrum Award

Lance Davis won the 2019 Hagstrum Award. Lance is from Zimmerman, MN. He plans to put the award money towards the cost of moving from Minneapolis to New Hampshire. He worked with Professor Cindy Cattell on solar wind shock waves and with Professor Lindsay Glesener on the FOXSI III sounding rocket mission.

Nicholas Mast

Mast received the 2019 Pepin Fellowship

Nicholas Mast received the 2019 Robert O. Pepin Fellowship. Nicholas is originally from Hayward, Wisconsin. He plans plan to use the fellowship to fund research into the use of neutron capture processes for low energy detector calibration. This summer he is part of a group are running an experiment to measure such processes in a cryogenic germanium detector. His area of research interest is Cryogenic particle detectors for dark matter detection.

Michael Laraia

Laraia receives the 2019 Nier Scholarship

Michael Laraia received the 2019 A.O.C. Nier Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics.

Yusuf Buyukdag

Buyukdag receives 2019 Lu Fellowship

Yusuf Buyukdag received the 2019 Hoff Lu Fellowsip. Yusuf is originally from Turkey. He plans to use the fellowship to focus on two different research projects. This gives me the opportunity to publish the results of those projects by the end of fellowship duration. His research is on the theoretical side of the “Beyond Standard Model” topics. This includes dark matter, supersymmetry, extra dimensions from the AdS/CFT correspondence perspective and partial compositeness.

Nakato receives 2019 Nier Scholarship

Yuka Nakato received the 2019 A.O.C. Nier Scholarship in Physics.

Joseph Dill

Dill receives 2019 St. Cyr Scholarship

Joseph Dill received the 2019 St. Cyr Scholarship for Summer Research. Joseph is originally from Mendota Heights, Minnesota. He plans to use this award to fund a research project with professors Crowell and Pribiag studying the properties of ferromagnet-semiconductor interfaces to be applied to their research of quantum computing materials. His research interests are in condensed matter physics.

Kole Yu

Kole Yu is 2019 Holt Scholarship Recipient

Kole Yu was named a 2019 Holt Scholarship Recipient. Yu is originally from China. She plans to use the scholarship to help paying my tuition and textbooks. This summer she will be doing research on electronic transport of one-dimensional van der Waals material.

Ryan Quinn

Quinn wins 2018 Basford Scholarship

Ryan Quinn won the 2018 Jeffrey Basford Scholarship in Physics.

Aliza Beverage

Beverage wins 2018 Jones Scholarship

Aliza Beverage won the 2018 Laverne and Ted Jones Scholarship in Undergraduate Astrophysics.

Chworowsky wins 2018 Swanson Scholarship

Katie Chworowsky won the 2018 Swanson Scholarship in Astrophysics.

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